When you say sports, it pertains to any form of physical activity, either casual or organized. Recently, some sports drew attention all over the world. However, which sports are the most prominent of all. So, what are the top 10 most popular sports?

  1. Association Football/Soccer

Approximately, over half of the total population of the world loves to call themselves ‘soccer fans’. This sport has 4.0 billion of followers and considered as global sphere of influence.

  1. Cricket

Thanks to East India Company and British Empire, Cricket became more prominent. Nowadays, it has 2.5 billion of fans globally.

  1. Field Hockey

Unbelievably, this sport has been around for quite some time. Although Pakistan and India conquered these games during the early years of 20th century, Australia and Netherlands quickly grab the top slot in this sport. Based on the statistics, it already got 2.2 billion of fans from Asia, Europe, and Africa.

  1. Tennis

Do you want to knowwhat are the top 10 most popular sports?Considered as one of the most respectable and longest standing sports ever, tennis has been enjoying more than 1 billion support all over the globe.

  1. Volleyball

On the other hand, volleyball isn’t complicated since it has few rules and little equipment. Moreover, its prominence has been distributed fairly around the world that accounts to about 900 millions of fans.

  1. Table Tennis

In mainstream sport, it has been known that table tennis is just new. Its dominance can be traced way back to China several decades ago. Right now, it has 875 million of followers from different parts of the globe.

  1. Basketball

Approximately 825 million of fans didn’t miss supporting basketball worldwide. Created by Dr. James Naismith, this game is dubbed now as a global sphere of influence.

  1. Baseball

It has about 500 million supporters particularly from Caribbean, United States and Japan. It involves a ball and bat with two team (each of them consists of nine players).

  1. Rugby

In Commonwealth and United Kingdom, Rugby is the most famous sport. It has gained about 475 millions of fans.

  1. Golf

With 450 million of followers, this modern sport was enjoyed by Scotland. By that, it starts to spread to the United Kingdom and to other parts of the world.

So now, what are the top 10 most popular sports? The above-mentioned list can answer that question.

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