It can’t be denied anymore that a headache is one of the most common and irritating health issues everyone deals with. While popping OTC painkillers can take the pain away, it will just smother the symptom and ignore the real issue which triggers your headache.

If you desire to spare yourself from the pain, there are actually effective remedies to make you at ease. Here are the top remedies to recover from a headache you may consider:

Headrubs to the rescue

Simply, get a drop of rosemary or thyme essential oil on your forehead and temples. Then, gently rub them on your skin. Allow this home remedy work for few minutes by just sitting quietly. A study last 2010 found out that rosemary and thyme oils have carvacrol, a particular compound which serves as COX-II inhibitor, similar to nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicine like ibuprofen.

Take Magnesium Daily

According to research, magnesium is one of thetop remedies to recover from a headache. Individuals, who suffer from a migraine, are known to have low magnesium level. Magnesium has the ability to prevent cortical spreading depression or the wave of the brain signals. This forms the sensory and visual changes which are common when you’re experiencing headache.

Eat more fiber-rich foods to increase your magnesium intake daily. These foods may include seeds, whole grains, beans, nuts, and vegetables.

Chiropractic care and good posture can help

On the other hand, if you don’t want to ingest medicine or undergo surgery to keep headache pain at bay, chiropractic care can be of great help. This can significantly eliminate oxidative stress in your body. In case you weren’t aware, oxidative stress pertains to the damage which happens every time free radicals outnumber the antioxidants in the body.

With the help of spinal manipulation or chiropractic adjustments, it can reduce migraine headaches and tension.

You can now live comfortably with these top remedies to recover from a headache. However, if symptoms persist, better consult your physician.

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