Thousands of supplements are in the market. Each of them has its own marketing and research that convinces us about the benefits that we can get from them. Sometimes, we get confused on which would really help us to have a better perspective on which to take and not to take, how to spend your money, quality of the supplements, schedule, proper dose and timing to your fitness goal.

Quality is the most important thing to remember when buying supplements. We are going to put them in our body so we want to make sure that it will help us to live longer and attain the right goals we have for our body. Check the label and research well if these supplements will improve your health. Checking the website and knowing the seals they got is very helpful. Know the primary supplements your body will thank you for.

  1. Omega 3 Fatty Acids (Fish Oil)

It is the most common supplement in the market today for the right reason. Some of its benefits are boost on cardiovascular health and function, better lipid profiles (lower triglycerides), advance brain function and mental acuity, and strong anti-inflammatory properties with no harmful side effects. Look for the right seals and the small cold-water fish like anchovies or sardines. Athletes normally start with 3,000 mg of fish oil spread for 2-3 meals and gradually increase up to 6,000 mg per day.

  1. B – Vitamins

This supplement increases energy production and has neurotransmitter cofactors which help with improving our mood. It detoxifies our body after exercise.  Building and repairing muscles lessens B-Vitamins. When we carry heavy things, or harm our muscle tissue with the workouts, taking B – Vitamins helps in the rebuilding process because you are burning your muscles at an alarming rate.

Absorbable B – Vitamins to check on the label:

          Riboflavin-5-Phosphate (B-2)

          Methylcobalamin (B-12)

          Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate (B-6)

          Benfotiamine (B-1)

Avoid B – Vitamins in hydrochloride (HCL) form since it can’t be absorbed by the body and it’s cheap.

Best time to take: Morning (keeps you awake)

  1. Magnesium

Magnesium is one of the top three prescribed supplements for athletes due to its vital element in biological systems and many athletes lack of it. Magnesium is essential to athletes since it regulates heart rhythm, permits muscles to contract and relax well, lower down blood pressure and an essential part in production of ATP (the main source of energy in our cells) which should combine with magnesium ion to be biologically active.

Check the label to avoid Sudden Poop Onset (SPO)

Supplements that is made of amino acid chelates like Mg glycinate and Mg malate helps and absorb by the digestive system

Cheap forms like Mg oxide or Mg carbonate are less absorbable.

Best time to take: Post workout (empty stomach)

Lazy individuals need 600 mg a day and active athletes can take up to 2,000 mg a day.

  1. Vitamin D

Functions more like a hormone than a drug. We create it by our exposure to sunlight normally we lack it required is 25,000 ui/day though we usually stay out in the sun. Vitamin D level is measured by hydroxyvitamin D – chemical form in our blood and normal levels are 35 yet many consider it as maintenance level. 70-90 are the ideal levels for athletes. Other than working with calcium and increasing bone density, Vitamin D lowers inflammation, rick of colon and breast cancer, develops mood and upper respiratory health by fighting infections from viruses and other pathogens. It allows the brain to release melatonin which helps us to fall asleep easier.

Best time to take: At night time, an hour before bedtime

Better if in liquid form and let it stay under your tongue for 30 seconds.

30,000 units is safe and 150,000 unis for three days helps heal upper respiratory tract infections.

  1. Protein

When taken within the first 10 minutes of training, it reduces the amount of stress hormones (mainly cortisol) release. It is normally associated with our belly fat. 20-30 grams per hour is the maximum that a body can digest. Too much protein is the cause of body acidity and can result to many other health problems. With the right amount of protein aside from providing energy, it repairs tissues and lowers muscle soreness. Whey protein has a high marketing value and affordable that is why most athletes use it. Most have an intolerance to whey and they experience gas, bloating and postnatal drip.

These are the supplements that athletes take and it helps them achieve the goals that they have – a healthy body and winning competitions that they join in. There are still a lot of supplements that needs to be taken but these are required for ensuring a highly effective body during a competition. With proper diet and following the drills or routine given by the coach, the goal is never too far unless destiny is not in favorfor your win.

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